Where can I contribute my example?

I improved the Platformer example by adding a box, that you know, Mario blows up with his head. Something like this:
That yellow box-like. What is that called?
And where should I upload it to contribute it?

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Examples can be submitted Issues · GDevelopApp/GDevelop-examples · GitHub

It’ll be reviewed for fixes/etc, and if it is approved it’ll get added to the new extension library.

the examples need to be MIT licensed.
Mario is a copyrighted IP, so i don’t think it can be accepted.

It’s not related to Mario in any way. It’s just I added a box that works like Question block of Mario

BTW the Question Block sprite is made by me, and in GitHub is asked all sprites should be MIT licensed. I don’t have a problem if people use that. Should I check that checkbox or leave that like that?

made by you, check
you don’t mind others using it, check
MIT license can be checked :wink:

As long as ALL sprites fulfill that.

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