Where can I find methods to get different values?

First of all some examples:

car.Physics2::LinearVelocity() //returns linear velocity of car object
car.Physics2::AngularVelocity() //returns angular velocity of car object

Just like this, where can I find list of methods to get different type of values in gdevelop?

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Here for syntax

Here for description


@Bouh your description page is for physics2.0 (which is what the initial post seemed to ask of course). Is there a similar page for non-physics things you can do?

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physics 2 is the new physics engine build on gdevelop 5

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@xisco Right, but for when you dont want to use a physics engine, but want to make things do cool stuff

Thanks @Bouh [post must have 20 characters :expressionless:]

Those are examples. I meant all function references.

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