Where do I learn how to access objects in javascript?

I was trying to figure out How to access the mouse coordinates from javascript code event.

The wiki page on JavaScript code has a lot of helpful examples. . . but it doesn’t it have a reference to mouse coordinates.

I found reference to MouseX and MouseY by searching the forum but while this works in the action block of an event, it does not work in Javascript.

Eventually (after a lot of searching) I found a forum post [Solved] How do I get mouse location in JavaScript Event which has the answer.

But my question is . . . where do I go to learn what is accessible and how from javascript? Like I said, the wiki page has some useful examples but it doesn’t have everything. Just one example:

runtimeScene.getGame().getInputManager().isKeyPressed(LEFTKEY)) checks if the Left key is pressed. But what other functions are available from the getInputManager? Where can I go to learn everything I can do with it? What are the constants for every key? Is TILDEKEY how I check if the Tilde key is down?

Maybe I’m looking at it wrong but the documentation doesn’t seem to be complete. There’s lots of 404s

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First, please keep in mind that the Event logic system is the only first class language in the engine. Javascript logic based events are definitely available, but not 100% the intent of the engine.

That said, the full JS API is available and linked from the Wiki page: GDevelop JavaScript game engine


This includes all of the inputs for all of the GDJS api calls in the engine, including input manager and the such.


Hope this helps

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Hi thank you very much for that link, it’s close to what I was looking for.

I think the wiki page on javascript code tries to link to it, but the link it actually has ( https://4ian.github.io/GD-Documentation/GDJS%20Runtime%20Documentation/ ) goes to a 404 error.

But I still wasn’t able to find a list of keycodes. (I thought this page would enumerate them https://docs.gdevelop-app.com/GDJS%20Runtime%20Documentation/GDJS_Runtime_inputmanager.ts.html ) but it doesn’t.

I believe GDJS expects full javascript keycodes and not friendly names, but I could be incorrect.

If I’m right, you can check any JS keycode here: https://keycode.info

Edit: I believe I found the old link you are referencing on the Wiki page, I’ve updated it, but if you find any more feel free to let me know.