Where is the save file located on windows? Also how to get save storage in javascript?

I am trying to create a rating system for my levels at the moment, but something doesn’t work.
It is a bit hard to find the problem without seeing my storage file…

I also wanted to ask: is there any way to show the event creator or single statements as javascript code? It would really help figuring out how to writte certain things. I have no idea how to access the storage from javascript for example, and I can’t seem to find any documentation on it.

Maybe this help?

No, I still don’t know where the save files are located.
Edit: I just realised that I am an idiot, and storage is not filesystem and saves it in the ‘browser’. But how can I access it?

I found it!
It is in view → developer tools → application → storage
If anyone else is interrested.