Where to start

I need help. Im a complete newbie to this engine and started using it a couple of weeks ago and I’m really confused. I’ve tried using the plaformer tutorial which helped a little bit but I’m still confused. So, where exactly do I start? :confused:

Welcome to the forum,

personally I read the whole wiki, then I had a look at all the included examples.
Some of them inspired me on how or where to use them, others might become useful later on.

The more you know what GD can do, the better you can think about what you want to create with it.

Ask yourself, “what kind of game do I want to make” - that will help to define “where to start”.

I have some tutorials on how to make games from scratch that you will probably find very helpful.

e.g. 2D shooter: youtube.com/watch?v=0ZW57s2WT1o

Would a top down run and gun much like Commando and Ikari Warriors be doable?

If you are looking for that type of game, you should have a look at the “lazer and zombies” example.

I’m not sure how many users still know about Commando and Ikari Warriors (both were available for the early home computers like the C64), but I think, both games or other games like them can be created in GD.

well I mean that can a newbie like me create something like that?

Yes, it is possible and it is a good project to start with.

I started it but when I use the camera it seems to “lock” on to the character on the Y axis. So basically, When I move up, the camera follows it, which is fine. But when I move down the camera also moves with the character even though he’s not at the bottom of the screen. In simple terms, How would I move the prevent the camera from moving down?

Maybe with the action “Center a camera on an object with limits” ? :slight_smile:

Ehhh… so what do I exactly set it to…

Center it to your player object and then simply put some random numbers into the limits.
Just like playing around.
That way you learn, what exactly the limits mean and how to use them the way you want.
Learning by doing works fine.
Every mistake you make is a chance for you to learn from it.

You can read it too:

How long do you think this project is going to take?

That question has no answer :smiling_imp:
It depends of many variables… The exact kind of game (game variants), the graphics quality, your speed and to make graphics, the quality of the game itself, AI?, good AI or just puppets?, complex or simple game systems?, number of controls, in-game options, save/load system, multilingual, and of course your ability to convert your ideas in GD events, and experience with GD too :smiley:

If it’s your first game, I assume that you’ll pick the simplest options, but anyway, two big things matter in time: the speed to create graphics, and the speed to create the game logics, knowing the tools you have through the experience. We can’t know that about you, maybe you know… :confused:

Actually, a better question is how long does it take to feel comfortable using this engine?

Your idea was to create a game like ikari warriors or commando.

First you need a player character, that can move and turn and has to walk around obstacles instead of passing right through them.
Did you try “new->native platform->Space Marine”?

The next thing might be to enable the player to walk upwards, without going off screen - instead moving the background down, to reveal areas, that couldn’t be seen before.
That’s what move camera within limits should help to do.

If that is not what your program does so far - please tell us, what does not work the way you expect it to.
If your program does everything so far, think about the next thing you need and describe it as good as possible.

Ah, ok, that is a bit more objective question :wink:
I think that in three weeks (just 1-2 hours per day) trying to achieve little tests, and reading some examples (as videotas suggests) when you get stucked (and of course asking here in the forum if you can’t solve it), you’ll get it, at least the basics :slight_smile:
With “the basics” I mean the concepts:
-Position and angle conventions.
-The event system: conditions and actions, when and why, sub-events, reference object and so on.
-Main objects: Sprite, Text, maybe Tile Map.
-Cameras. (Layers with multiple cameras may be a bit confusing at first)
-Perhaps external events/layouts, objects groups, other objects.