🖱️ Where would you find a panel on GDevelop? (test for users who haven't publish any game on GDevelop yet)

:sunflower: I am looking for at least 5 volunteers who have never published a game with GDevelop yet to test an enhancement on the app.
The test consists on opening a -safe- link on desktop, and click on a Design prototype to evaluate a new app enhancement for people who haven’t published any game yet. The participants should have the following characteristics:

  • Be at least 16 years old
  • Have good internet access
  • Are willing and available to finish a 5 minute test without interruptions
  • Have access to a Desktop support (tablet or mobile are not supported)
  • Can complete the task from today until Sunday morning (the sooner, the better!)

If you have these characteristics, please comment on this topic so I can reach out to send you the link and explain the test.
Thank you for helping us improve GDevelop!

I can, I have desktop and fiber internet

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Yes I meet all Your

Hi, I’d be happy to test for you and I’m free at the moment.

I also satisfy all conditions.

Hello @Phoenix, @LU2Dgames and @catdog5100!

I am sorry for my late reply! I hope you’re still available?
Thank you all for you interest.
I’ll reach out to you directly via inbox. :slight_smile:

You’ll let me know if you’re still available. :sunflower:

I’ve also sent you an inbox, but I dunno if you saw it? :slight_smile: