White Flash

I want to make an object that changes its color to white using the sprite effect. I can’t seem to do this, because white apparently is when the Sprite doesn’t have any color at all.

Yeah I haven’t gotten this to work yet either. If the sprite doesn’t use a lot of frames you could do that via animations change as a workaround. Changing blend mode to something else than default (additive?) might work but I haven’t fully explored this.

Nope, those blend modes don’t work in this way. Maybe you should ask in the feature request forum.
Although there is a trick, if your sprite is not completely black, you can stack lots of them together and set the blend mode to Add. If it is just a flash, it might not affect fps too much.
But if your sprite has black pixels this trick won’t work.

Instead a lot of sprites with Add blend mode, you could link your sprite with a white copy over it, then modify the transparency of the white “mask” sprite (mask alpha = 0 ==> full color base object, alpha = 255 ==> full white mask).
The problem is that this white mask sprite should have all the animations the base object has, constantly synced, to mask it correctly :neutral_face:

EDIT: This way :slight_smile:
WhiteMask.zip (11.2 KB)