Why did you guys get rid of the option to remove a Collision Mask from an object on certain frames?

Because of this I cannot install a version newer than Gdevelop 5 beta 108.

When I do install a new version, it wrecks all my hit boxes. I depend on them being blank in some cases, but I can’t do this in the new version. This is a step back not a step forward, please review and fix this.


Short answer: It was never meant to be there and broke a bunch of stuff/caused crashes.

Long answer: Your usage of it was unfortunately not meant to be possible, as it was a bug that didn’t get caught until much later. That said, while my understanding is that the bug itself will not be added back, an option may come out of a longer term discussion happening on the Github: collision mask creation/management in beta 112 · Issue #2824 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub. If you’d like to contribute your specific use case, the devs are involved in the discussion around this in that head.

With the above in mind, I’ll go ahead and close out this thread, but please feel free to add your input to the conversation linked above.

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