Why does my character wander off the screen?

I centered the camera on it, but it still wanders! Here’s what I mean.

If you provide a screen shot of the events, then we can help. There’s obviously an error somewhere, but without seeing the events, we can only guess to how you are moving the camera.

Here they are.

Why do you have camera: 3? Why not camera: 0, the default?

Trobleshooting. I changed it and it still didn’t work. Here is the link where i change it.

Hmm, there’s something that’s missing here. What layer is your player on?

And are there any other events to the scene?

I’ve recreated the same events as you, and my camera follows the player around.

Can you show the other events to see what’s going on?

I was able to fix it. The camera was on the wrong layer. Thanks!