Why does sometimes work sometimes not?

Work always for animation 3 frame 19, but not always for animation 0 frame 1.
I found out that although I have used At the beggining of the scene> Pause animation, sometimes my animations spawn in frame 0 and sometimes frame 1.

Can distance be less below zero? Even if it was 5 there would be a chance the sprite could move fast enough that it could skip past the object in between frames. meaning in frames the distance is 25 then 15 then 5 and then 5, 15, 25 as it moves away in the other direction.

I added this change frame:

It seems the problem has gone. Is that correct?

I don’t have much experience with using animation in this way. There are more knowledgeable people here.

My question is do frames change at their own rate unreleated to the event rate? Can they change multiple times in between events or can they drop frames?

I did a simple test. I added a sprite with 3 images (frames). I set the animation on loop. I used 3 events, one for each frame and had each event increase a different variable. (a, b, c) For awhile they were equal or within 1. After awhile, the one for frame 1 was lower by 10.

IDK about the timing. IDK if multiple frames can happen between event frames or if it can skip animation frames. Either way, I don’t think specific frames are a reliable way to trigger events.

They run at their own rate and they don’t drop frames.
The sprites have 4 animations. Each click triggers a full animation with 20 frames each one.
But I think 20 is too many. I’m going to reduce to 10.
I guess that change frame to zero I added is a jerry-rig. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the spent time. I’m going to do some more tests.

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Well, I reduced my sprites animations to 10 frames. It was 20. Now I’m having the following situation.
Sprite tl1 has 4 animations(0 to 3) and 10 frames each animation (0 to 9)
It spawns at animation 0 and frame 0. Each click plays the current animation. If animation is finished, it plays the next, and so on. As you see in image, the “NewSprite” should only appear when tl1 is at animation 0 and fame 0, but after it show up, no matter what animation I play it doesn’t hide. If I change the code to frame 9, it shows only when tl1 is at frame 9. All animations are working ok.

OK. I used a “repeat for each instance of tiles” and it worked.