Why does this not work (i checked the code)

this is the code:

i dont know why it does not work
if you need more info say it


What is it supposed to do

Can you also put a screen shot of what is happening

when you click on a picker it opens a gui that works fine but i does not set the mode of the picker

thats the thing nothing is happeninging

So it’s not saving the the correct value of the picker to the variable

I don’t see where your saving the value of picker.

the last part thats where it needs to set

Try moving that last part above where you open the GUI

that does not work sadyl

What is coming up instead of the mode of the picker?

It looks like you’re setting the settingsopen variable to false and then checking if it’s true. Are you setting it to true somewhere else or should it be set to true?

You build a factory so when you place “picker” it sets it to false

Found the problem let me try

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