Why I encounter to this issue?


Please see this frame:

The circle is inside the blue rectangle.

Both of them have physic behavior.

The rectangle collision mask:

Also, I get this error:

Why do I get this error?


Because concave collision masks are not supported, if you want a collision mask where its points go towards its center, you can turn it into multiple separated collision masks instead.


But even this one doesn’t work!

The whole image is a collision mask:


And you still have a concave collision mask:


Scroll down the list of collision masks, and it will have the warning on it.

However, those aren’t the issues. Physics collision masks are not based on the sprite collision mask. You have to define the physics collision mask in the Physics2 behaviour.

Can you please explain more about this section?

Change shape to Polygon, and set the temporary image to the sprite image and add vertices with the + symbol (in the bottom highlighted area).

However, you cannot define multiple collision masks on a physics object. So you’ll have to break the image into multiple objects.

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