i want to make a multiplayer game in gd and i dont care how long it take cause i want to make a multiplayer game why cant someone just post a multiplayer network script for people to use if gd let people add code :cry:

There is network extension…

As mentioned, there is already a network extension. You can also make multiplayer games that are two (or more) people using the same keyboard/mouse to control stuff on the same screen or split screen.

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It’s easy to make a simple game with 2 players with internet conenction. But it’s more hard to create a multiplayer game with more then 2 players :wink:
But i’m actually working on that.

Edit: you can find an exemple of a game with 2 player with internet connection :wink:

Where can i get the network extension

There are already some network events in the events tab (just open events and you will see network on the list). For extra stuff, right click on ‘project’ → edit property of the game → Extensions (4th item down) → Network features.

One says no, and the other says yes.

So… what is it?

There is a network extension but only for native games. It can be used but it requires some networking knowledge so as to create something that can be really polished and useful in a game.

Could you add websockets support to network extension so it can be used in HTML5 games as well?

i think i got a way.
first create an array
have 1 person defined as the host and several others as the client
the ip is saved in the array, and sent to the client so that they will automatically connect to the other users

The currently mainly problem is for exemple :
make a simple character who can shoot : how make bullet on the seconde computer ?
I tryed to search for a long time but i found nothing who works correctly.

Send info to connected players informing that bullet was shot with direction and who shot it and when other player get this message, bullet gets created accordingly.

Yes i do that but the problem is when you send informations.
For exemple :
Player1 clic right : create bullet
send in info to other player

Player2 : Receive info from Player1 : Create bullet

If you do that when Player 1 wil lright clic a infinty of object bullet will be make on the game of player2

Use trigger once condition?

When i will finish my projects i will try a multiplayer game cause when i try it the “once condition” was not here.

But i think i don’t works for others reason i don’t remember how much i had when i start a multiplayer project…

Example of a multiplayer game:
uploadhosting.co/uploads/123 … ameWin.rar
unfortunately you have to write the ip XP
but for minecraft you do too!
i hope you guys know how external and internal ips work so that you can actually play XP
also I am writing a tutorial on the wiki on making a multiplayer racing game like that.
also if I can improve any of the code plz tell me thx XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Edit: ugh s****d me i forgot to include the gdg here:
uploadhosting.co/uploads/123 … torial.rar

Yeah i made 1 week ago a multiplayer game it was more easy with new GD version, but the network automatism have some problem. I have already return issues and they are working on it.

This is not opening for me, do you have another link?

6 years after i guess all links are broken.
Your best chance todo an multiplayer game is with this.