Why the antivirus?

Hello, I am creating a game and he uses firebase, the question is because when I export the apk game and install it, when I use a create document event, the antivirus detects me as if it were a harmful app, how can I solve this?

Thank you!!

Could you please elaborate?

  • What antivirus are you talking about? By default, android does not come with an antivirus. Are you talking about a specific app or an antivirus that came preinstalled by your smartphone brand’s company? Which one specifically?

  • What kind of warning does the antivirus software give? Is it blocking the whole app specifically or the document creation?

  • How do you know that the create a document action is behind this? Did you try other actions and notice a difference in behavior from the antivirus? Please share your findings.

This will help us understand and troubleshoot your issue. Thank you and have a nice day.

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The antivirus is Avast, I made a button that tests you that when you click it makes the document, I get a warning that says the application is doing suspicious things

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And thanks for answering, and sorry for the English I’m using the google translator