Why use cos(TimeFromStart())*100?

Can anybody explain the function of cos(TimeFromStart())*100? and this “()” in TimeFrom Start is what figure?


I guess is using random numbers for y axis.
Cos calculates the cosene of an angle and 100 should be to convert to integer.
so if you get 1’5
100 15 p/s

Hmm… i notice if i change to tan or sin the object move differently and i dont know why the movement it’s like that. If i change to tan the object will drop down fast and give a small bounce before bouncing up high again.

how to use sin,cos,tan to control all these movements?

It is simply trigonometry, sine, cosine or tangent, review it or search in google. They allow to draw curves or straight lines, I do not remember much because I studied it many years ago.

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