Why was the free comparison removed from the pricing page?

The pricing page used to be very clear cut and simple and would clearly show what is possible with free version and what additional you can get with the silver and gold plans.

But now when you go to the individual pricing options: GDevelop Premium Plans | GDevelop

The free column is missing and only silver and gold is shown. This gives the impression that GDevelop is a paid engine with limited free option such as gamemaker or construct 3.

This is just my opinion as with the unity fall out I’m sure many people are looking for alternative engines and the lack of free on the pricing page might deter some people.

Especially when the engine is free and fully capable with free, then it should have a column along side the silver and gold?


Just as a heads up, it is still there. Just underneath the paid tier comparisons, instead of next to it.
I do agree that it gives off a perception that it doesn’t exist if you don’t find it, though.