wiki translate documentation

hey guys,

I’m new in Gdevelop, but It’s a great tool. So… How can I help wiki translate documentation for pt?

Hi araujo921 and welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:
You need to create a separate account on the wiki (Login->Register)
For the german translation I opened the english wiki page and copied the content into a new one for translation so that the overal structure was kept. If you just want to translate an existing page you can even reuse the images by linking to thouse of the english version.
When you are finished edit the main page of your language and add a link to your translated article.

Hi Wendigo,

thank you for your fast answer.

how do I get permission to create a new page?

I created an account and accessing the link below and I see no option to create a new page.

Click on the “settings” button at the top > Create this page.

Thank you very much… I see it… :slight_smile: