Windows executable export disabled?

in my version i can’t export to an exe file anymore?! Version this option is just grey… :frowning:

export to Web works

Are you sure that your game is a native project?
I haven’t the latest version yet, but in previous version web projects only compile for web and native compile for native.

EDIT: I downloaded the new version, same (web export only to web, native compile only for native)…

native project?

i started a new project within gamedevelop…, nothing imported if is that what you think of …?

ha :smiley: lol — aaaai am sorry :smiley: for sure… i just clicked “OK” at startup … HTML5 project is default :smiley: my fault.

facepalm :blush:

When you start a new project, you can select Web platform or Native platform in the same window where you select the template for the project (Empty, shooter, platform, etc.) :wink:

Now I would like to know if you can change the platform of the project after create it, I know they haven’t the same actions/conditions/extensions, but maybe disabling or deleting the “extra” events not supported…

EDIT: Ahh, ok, you solved it.

i was able to import my project into the native project… works well. nice programm :slight_smile:

You don’t have to do that. You can open the “Extensions” window by double-clicking on “Extension” in the left part of Game Develop. Then, right-click on “Web platform” and disable the web platform, then right-click on “native platform” and enable it.

this would be even nicer :smiley: ty