[Windows] Multiple drag&drop just drags 1 picture


In the Windows version of GD (I don’t know if it happens in others versions) when the user drags and drops more than one picture to the animation window it only drags the first (or the last, I don’t remember) picture that was selected.

I’m working with huge animations and this bug is forcing me to manually setup animations of even 64 frames (dragging them one by one).

I think GD is a beautiful piece of software but this simple silly bug is turning the experience of make videogames with GD really terrible. Besides, I’m recomending GD in a lots of forums around the web and when I achieve to convince someone to try GD and they gets to this bug, well, I don’t really know what to say to them.

I don’t think it’s something impossible to fix please make a favor to the GameDevelop community and fix this problem.

Thanks in advance.


jaja OMG, maybe you could try this :smiling_imp: : [url]2 super simple features to make gamedevelop much more user f]

Sorry, it’s funny for me because I already have sent this link in 3 topics now (allways surprises me the number of frames the peopele can add “by hand”)… maybe the feature should be added, but you haven’t to add every one of the 64 frames one by one :smiley:

And if you already have those in image bank, it’ll add those twice. Nice thinking, very nice.

Thanks, really thanks… but that is just the half of the answer to me.

Due to the lack of a bone-driven cutout animation support I’m using LOTS of frames per animation, so I’m trying to reduce the final size of my game recycling sequences from one animation into another, that means that I NEED to drag-and-drop sequences of pictures that I already have in the image bank into the animation pane.

And by the way it’s impossible to organize in virtual folders (in the image bank) pictures already added from the animation pane. That will destroy my sprite organization method (and in any case it makes the virtual folder feature of the image bank absolutely useless).



No, if the image has the same name, GD will ignore it /doesn’t load the image again :slight_smile:

I understand you, and I know this doesn’t help… but, you should drag the frames one by one anyway, right? I mean, although you could select multiple images from the bank, you: -should order they then (because probably the animation order will be reversed, particular) or -move they one by one… Maybe I’m wrong :frowning:

Finally, I can’t get the “real” difference between add the images from the image bank or add from the dialog window… I’m with you (I would like this feature, and GD is open source now…), it will be cleaner, easier, more professional, etc. Buuuut, one or another way to add multiple frames doesn’t has advantages/ other functionalities, in the meantime we can use the windows dialog.

Whooooo, calm down, calm down. :neutral_face:

Hey, keep it easy please! I do not appreciate this kind of irony: it do really hard work on GD and I appreciate your feedback, but the way you’re writing sounds as if i was guilty of having forgotten to support something.

Again, I do not appreciate the way the messages were written :frowning: Please do not use large font size, it sounds as if you were screaming, and please avoid using this tone and such misplaced irony. Also please avoid double posting, just edit your message :slight_smile:
I hope your understand that, it’s important for me :slight_smile:

Now let’s talk about the bug: it seems that we use different workflow when adding images and that’s why I never stumble upon the bug.
So just send me a screenshot with a nice arrow to illustre the drag’n’drop and with a small text “here multiple files are not supported”.

And if adding images from files lead to create duplicates, then create a thread to report this bug. (Even if GD tries to avoid duplicate, when adding images from files any duplicate won’t be inserted, but maybe we’re using a different workflow and again this is why it didn’t stumbled upon the bug).

Thanks (and I hope we’ll be able to calmly talk about bugs now :slight_smile: )

I apologize, I was short after argument with my mom and it might added to that post. And here’s pic:

Thanks :smiley:
I’m going to investigate on this issue. :slight_smile:

While you’re at it, could you add drag’n’drop frame reordering?

Oh c’mon! I think I edited this post before you see it!

Don’t you see the beauty in my irony and rude tones?


Ok, I’ll avoid it in the future.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve just added this missing feature, it will be present in the next release. :slight_smile:

Great! :mrgreen: Thanks! :unamused: