Winged Force released and help needed on screen dimensons

Hi all!

I’ve just started a Patreon page and have released an alpha version of my game Winged Force :slight_smile:

Please check it out and tell me what you think.

Also, it’s currently in an odd screen dimension as i was planning to port it android as well but the fullscreen function as mentioned throughout multiple posts causes stretching.

Any ideas on how to fix that will be much appreciated. Thanks and enjoy

Download Link:

Nice little game. I’m not a big fan of the genre so can’t really comment on gameplay. I played a lot this kind of games back in the old NES times can’t really enjoy them any more not even on my mobile. But overall looks well made and polished.

You may want to consider to publish your games on, you can even integrate your patreon account in to and offer access to bonus content only to people who support you on patreon. itself also allow you to ask for donations and support.
Patreon is a place to support content creators but I don’t think it a common way to share content…

I guess you can change the camera size (resolution) to fit the size of the window/screen width and height to avoid stretching but you need to design your levels to fit that particular resolution. If the screen resolution is higher than what you have designed your game for, areas of your map may become visible that you didn’t want it to be visible to the player. To avoid this, always better to design your game to a higher resolution and scale it down to smaller resolution to fit the screen. But even this way you just can’t avoid stretching without effort. You do need to optimize your game for different resolutions, there is no other way around it. You need to pick 5-6 common resolutions and say if screen size > X apply res1 if < X then apply res2

Hey ddabrahim,

Thanks for checking it out and the kind words :slight_smile:

Great idea! Will give a try

Tried changing the window size to 1920 X 1280 (extend window ) but the game is now pushed to the left with lots of extra space on the right.
I see a change window margin under actions. Can that be used for centering the game?

Well, frankly I don’t have much experience with the native game in GD. Since day 1 I’m using GD because of the HTML5 export. If you set margin on the left it sounds like something that should shift the view to the right in case you set margin on the right to be 0 but to be honest I don’t know.

But I guess what you need to do is move the camera to the left to center the game. The origin of the game view is at the top left corner at position 0,0 so when you changed the res to 1900, it sounds logical your game is sifted to the left because this is where the origin of the game view is. I think if you move the camera to the left, it should solve the problem.

If it’s a native game, this can help: [url]Stetchihng image size to windows size]
For web there is a option in the fullscreen action to keep the aspect ratio :slight_smile: