[Workaround] [Forum] Edit my own post is not possible anymore

I would like to be able to edit my opening post from my Görtan topic.
I am not sure to why posts cannot be edited after some time, but i would like to be able to do so, at least under the subtopic game showcase.

Seems obvious to why.
Having the game state summed up in the OP makes sense.


You mean you cannot edit your post?
And the other posts?

You talk about this one right?

Can you give a try again now?

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Haha, thank you Bouh, that works :slight_smile:

But my suggestion was aimed for everyone.

I don’t know what his past is.
Right now you are the first one to have this problem.
I’ve uprank you at the max user rank on the forum.

38 edits is a lot ^^
Maybe you will be limited in size with images. This forum is based on Discourse and i don’t know all their limits.

I don’t think it has anything to do with size.
I was unable to edit older posts only, even those without any pics.

I thought it has something to do with forum archive memory.

So you mean other users can edit ther 1 year old posts?
Maybe I’m just the first one to mention it

The forum engine automatically disable editing old posts.

I was in contact with 4ian about this when he switched to this new forum engine and I’ve found not being able to edit my old posts and he was kind enough to lift the time limit for a post to be 6 months I believe (maybe it was 12 can not remember) but basically he said if any of our topics is so old then probably it is obsolete and better to open a new fresh topic…

It is something I was trying to explain to 4ian as well but for example if you want to keep up to date people with the progress of your project, it is useful to edit the original post so people get ALL the latest info right at the top instead of force people read through all posts in the topic…
Also it is possible you have posted something that is no longer valid, obsolete and you may care to update the post with the latest more accurate info. Maybe sounds crazy but before we switched to this new forum, I did care to go back to even years old posts and update the post if the content was no longer valid/out of date…


Yes it’s annoying for people with anciens posts, and for corrections.

I’m doing with what I can do with my accesses.
The Discourse trust level system has 4 levels for users.
I’ll apply the max rank.
I wouldn’t give this rank to everyone (i can’t), just to specific ancient /regular users with more 1years old on this forum because this level is too permissive. I trust to everyone who i’ll gave this rank.
If something goes wrong with these new permissions i can rank down the trust level on the user.

Slash, Coriander game, and you ddabrahim can now edit the old posts.