Working in the secuel

After some time I am working in the spiritual secuel of the “Corruptor” game. This time it uses less button smash and more sneaking.

It is in alpha stage. Needs background and walls graphics, some animations, screens and levels.

The game never starts

Works for me

You can see in the screenshot that the UI buttons covers almost entire screen, maybe you can hide them if device is not mobile platform.

Also, my Player somewhat gets stuck with walls. Probably need some hitbox works. Try making hitbox smaller than the actual sprite.

Tried my best to make the player stuck in a wall, but no avail. I’ll check the hitboxes. Thanks
I just need to change back the touch controls invisible (I was working on the buttons’ drawings) and totally forget to make it invisible again. Thanks.

I’ll keep working on it. Still needs proper walls and the corrupting animations (now they will be optional)

Uploaded an update. Made the touch controls invisible by default, and visible the light efect layer.

As far as I can see, the hitbox is a bit inside the sprite. (I use the shadow as the playable character, and a sprite following it).

If you are carrying a KO’ed enemy and press the “Corruption” button, you stay in place for 6 seconds, the time I’ll show the “Corruption” animation (Still on process to make them) so you don’t move.

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