Working on a Powerup

I am fairly new to Gdevelop. I am still learning how to use variables. My game is a simple platformer related to the tutorial one. I want to enable the ability to fire bullets when an apple is consumed, but only when it is consumed not before on after. Any tips

Use a boolean variable to indicate firing bullet ability is enabled. A boolean variable has one of 2 values - true and false. By default, a boolean variable is set to false.

If you want the value of the variable to only be for the scene, make it a scene boolean variable. If you want to make the value to persist throughout any scene, make it a global boolean variable

If you name the boolean variable ‘CanPlayerFireBullet’, then to fire bullets you’d have an event with conditions “Space is pressed” (or whatever the fire button is) and “variable CanPlayerFireBullet is true”, with actions to create and move the bullet.