Worlds - Minecraft DIY

I’ve recently found about game that can help learn about (and play around with) procedural generation in a safe environment.

Basically it is Minecraft DIY. Want blocks like dirt, grass, etc.? Make them. Oh, you just want to jump in and play around? Too bad, you have to make world generator first.

Address is here:

Actually writing world generator is pretty straightforward thanks to many on-site tutorials. You just need to put some simple formulas - first for noises (you can use all functions offered by LibNoise and then some, explained on game’s site), then put up block placement rules - without it noises are just meaningless data, Worlds needs to know also what block fit where and that’s role of rules.

There is also object editor - object is well, object, made out of several blocks, like e.g. a tree or house, so you don’t need to make complicated mad rules to make tree, instead you just instruct game to put an object.

I have no affiliation with creator of Worlds aside that I’m playing with this game and love it.