Worldwide High Score

I wanted to know, how can I make a worldwide high score appear in my game? I mean, when users play my game, they will get a score. So I wanted to make a global dashboard where a score ranking appears from other users, how can I do this?

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You need a website with a database to store the highscores in.
Here is a wiki article about how to send a request to a website.
And this tutorial describes in detail about how to set up the backend: Online highscores

I imagine an easier way would be to simply use a JSON file, instead of a database, but this obviously depends on the amount and complexity of data you want to store/retrieve…

And then I wonder about the possibility of setting up something once that everyone can use without having to reinvent the wheel every time. Say, an API endpoint URL that game devs can point to, they provide some form of authentication and the name of their JSON file, then this system does the work of reading/writing the file and everyone can use it easily.

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Haven’t tested, but I think this is kind of what I mean: