wrong actions

ok i just installed the new version of gdevelop. and testing my game when i saw something weird happening. when i move the character (to the left in particular) it jumps. i checked the collision and it is fine, so is the events (to the best of my knowledge).
before it isn’t noticeable until you play again and again.
what do i need to change?

mega.co.nz/#!vM0FlQ4a!r0hw5sMQB … JHDa3iVtRY

decryption key: vM0FlQ4a!r0hw5sMQBCsePuFeC3EEiNIauEDREBmkwJHDa3iVtRY

It’s not a bug, try to use image with the same size in the walking animation. If you don’t do that, the player doesn’t always touch the ground and then “jumps”.