XML Load/Edit Save

I want to use a xml file to save which characters were unlocked by the player.
To do that I have an entry in the xml for each character.
The xml is saved as Savegame.txt in the same folder as the .gdg file.
Whenever I try to load an entry like “Root/T1” and store it in a variable it doesn’t do anything.
Did I mistype the location? or am I using the wrong action ?
Also is it possible to change the variables of objects in a xml file within gamedevelop? if yes how?
Screenshot 2014-09-06 21.59.05.png

Screenshot 2014-09-06 21.57.22.png

Are you using Advanced XML extension?
I, too, couldn’t get the data from it. Save - ok. Read - nope.

No, he’s using the standard XML actions. :wink:

I enabled the advanced xml extension, but still don’t get how to read a value out of a xml

Use actions from Storage actions group.

That’s what I did I think.

I just don’t get how the input has to look like to load/edit the value of for example the object T20

I’m not sure that I got you right, but…

First, do not use Advanced XML, it’s too complex. Use standart storage actions.
As I can say, you loaded file as Advanced XML and tried to access it via standart GameDevelop actions. I believe, they kinda incompatible.
Standart Storage - is the same XML, but it has only two preset attributes - “texte” for text and “value” for… well, value. Advanced XML works (or not works in my case) with custom attributes and each element may have variety of them, not only one.

What you need is to load file as Structured Data and access the attributes of it’s elements via standart Storage actions:

Oh wow. Thanks a lot Daisdarg, you saved my game :slight_smile:
Maybe you should submit a tutorial regarding that.

I second that request for an XML tutorial! :mrgreen:

What, really? O___o

Yeah of course! this would be helpful to other people browsing the wiki :slight_smile:

Okay then.