Yarn: Select option by number

Hello, may I know how the dialogue tree action “Select option by number” works?

It currently has a numerical input value associated with it, which I assume is the option index number. However, when using this action in beta 89, it appears to function like a “Select next option” action and ignores the number input. Also, the number doesn’t show on the event sheet once the action is placed.

Could there be a missing link in the source code to trigger the number or am I using this action incorrectly?

Thank you for your time.

Hi, I just tried that event and it does act like “Select next option” like you said, but it increments the option selection with the number - when I put 2 in the choice it selects the next 2 options.
If you have more than 2 choices, it sounds like a bug though.

Thanks for testing this. On further checks, I notice the number has no effect and it acts like a “Select previous option”. I don’t think this is what the event is supposed to do, so I’ll report it as a bug.

Probably a bit too late, but have you tried having more than 2 choices? It acts differently if you do. And are you on latest GDevelop version beta89?

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Yes, I did test on three or more options. It acts like “Select previous option” regardless of the number I put in, so it probably does that on two options as well since select previous and select next would appear similar in action. I am on beta 89.

This bug has been fixed in beta 91.

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Thank you for notifying me. It now works as intended.

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