You can now get a GDevelop subscription with PayPal

If you wanted to get a subscription to the Indie or Pro plan of GDevelop, unlocking more one-click packaging every day (and other advantages in the future on the online services) but were unable because of the need for a credit/debit card, you can now use PayPal:

  • Go to - make sure you have the latest version by opening it, giving it a few seconds to download the update, then closing it (close all tabs in your browser), then opening it again.
    • If you’re unsure, open it in a private browsing tab.
  • Log in with your account as usual.
  • Open your profile and click on the button to choose an online subscription.
  • Choose the one you prefer.
  • You’ll get the choice to use Apple Pay/Google Pay, a credit card or Paypal.

That’s it. Once the payment is received, your account will be upgraded. If you want to stop it, you can do it at anytime by:

  • Connecting to your profile and clicking the button to cancel.
  • Going to your PayPal profile and stopping the regular payment.

This will be in the next release of the desktop app. If you buy a subscription online, this will also apply on the desktop GDevelop app.

Let me know if there are issues. Appreciate everyone helping us to support GDevelop development! :blush: