Zoom In and Out in Object Editor Window


My reason to ask for this feature is this:
My game window size is going to be 1024 x 768. This is also the size of the scene. And I would like to use a border around the screen, so I decided to make the border as a whole 1024 x 768 size sprite because I’m too lazy to build from small parts and I would use collision mask to check collision between the border and other objects inside it. But the problem is, this size is too big for the object editor, The top and bottom of the sprite can’t fit in to the editor window, and so, very difficult to make the collision mask. My screen resolution is 1680 x 1050 so there is plenty of place for the editor to be able to have bigger size window, but this is the limit.
Also the sliders doesn’t work very well. If I move the sliders on the side of the window it doesn’t do anything unless I click inside the window after I have moved the slider.

So it would be nice if we have the possibility to Zoom In and Out on objects inside the object editor window as much as we want.
Also would be great if the polygons of the collision mask, can be bigger so we can easily drag and move them.
Or at least if the sliders would work, would be great.


Why do you want to check if things are in collision with the border all the time? If it’s to check they have not left the screen, this is an inefficient way of doing it.


Everything is moving and I want to keep “everything” inside the border. Border needs anyway as design element and “everything” should stop or bouncing back right from the border.

But forget my example, the point is that if the sprite too small I can’t see it, to make the collision mask fit properly, the polygons also too small, in this case zoom in can be useful (sure I can use magnifier or bigger sprite and scale it down in game, but c’mon). If the sprite too big, can’t fit in to the window in this case zoom out can be useful.
But I would be more than happy if at least I could move the sprite inside the window and the polygons of hitbox can be bigger.

As 4ian rewriting the whole IDE from scratch, I thought it could be useful to bump this topic up again.

I agree that not being able to zoom in on objects in the object editor is frustrating. It would make setting points easier too.

Going back to your old problem about the border, I assume you wanted a fancy one, otherwise you can just use four copies of one ‘edge’ object that you resize in GDevelop to be 1024 pixels long or 768 pixels high as required. I did this with a 10x10 pixel tiled sprite in order to bounce back objects that left the game window.

AFAIK it was a limitation from the GUI library (wxWidgets), I have said it so many times that if it’s not true… it’s true now :laughing:
As the GUI library is not there in the new IDE it’ll be implemented, I’m pretty sure :wink: