Zsquare: a simple multiplayer shooter game

Zsquare: a multiplayer game that consists of shooting the squares that appear.
Submitted to a local indie awards

(Disponible en español)

Get it on:
-Liluo.io: Zsquare | Play on Liluo.io
-Itch.io: Zsquare by DH software
-Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zsquare.dhsoftware

Coming soon on Google Play Store
We are open to any suggestion or feedback

Hi DHsw, that’s a fun game, well done. I looked at both links and you mention to press E for powerup on the liluo page but I didn’t see any mention of it on the itch page. I played on itch and was wondering what the green blocks were for. When I found out, I did press it, but wasn’t sure if it was protecting me? I think there were too many enemies near for it to help me.

After playing a few games attacking the enemies I then experimented with just running away and not shooting them. Whether it was just luck or your strategy, I’m glad it wasn’t an easy way to get a high score. Is there a link to the leaderboard in the game? There’s one in the liluo tab options but not within the game itself apart from the end of a game?

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Thanks for playing and taking your time on reviewing it. I really appreciate it. I added information about the controls used. Powerups only makes your triangle shoot more quickly (I need to specify it too :sweat_smile:). You can use multiple powerups at once to shoot even more quickly. I will add the suggested link to leaderboard into the game when the next version is released.

I’m currently working on more enemies, other kinds of powerups and a multiplayer with a matchmaking system that doesn’t uses p2p.
It will take long since I’m working into another project and making multiplayer replication again with another system, managing network instabilities is not an easy task. Currently multiplayer works fine unless the network is not stable. The game itself looks easy to make or simple, but the truth is that it has a thousand of events and optimizations. Although it, I could even optimize it more, so it’s going to end up with a thousand more of events :laughing:

Thanks again!!

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Now available on Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zsquare.dhsoftware