2 pictures from my first game .

So i have been working for about 4 months … learning Gdevelop and making my first game .
A lot has changed . The game now is different in every single aspect .

I learned so much in the last 5 months in game development … it’s so amazing … so challenging to make your game really feel alive.
Gdevelop 5 really changed my whole life . Made one of my dreams come to life .
Thanks to everyone who supported me … your names will be in credits that’s for sure . Anyone that helped .
The game still has a long way to be released .I’d say 2-3 months.
But it’s awesome to share some pics with you guys :slight_smile:

All will be revealed in the right time :slight_smile:

pics are from Level 1
(This post will be updated from time to time).

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Looking pretty cool I’d say! :smiley: I’ll try it out once its finished!

Thank you so much .