2D Fighting Game #1

I’m preparing my next example.

It’s a 2d fighting game demo like the King of Fighter and Street Fighter.
Actually, this is an exercise I do before making my own game.

The ideal plan would be to develop a tool to import Mugen’s characters into GDevelop. If that happens, the people who created Mugen’s characters will be able to use GDevelop as a new, open and living platform.

Mugen Games

There are a few hurdles to go over to implement this.

The first hurdle is to give the collision box a (string) attribute so that attack and hit collision boxes can be distinguished.

So, I want to implement the gui of the collision mask as shown below, and make the collision mask’s attribute externally referenceable.

Would it be okay and possible to implement this?

As of now, an object cannot be checked for collisions on a specific hitbox. What you can do though is make another hitbox object and synchronise it’s position with the main object position.


Thank you. I’ll look into the method you mentioned.