2D sprite Headtracking

I was playing around with the layer effect, try to understand how everything works.
when i started to experiment with the displacement map i tried to animate clothes on 2d sprites, when i discovered something cool.

I present to you 2D sprite Headtracking, using Displacement maps

Nothing here is animated


Example to Download


Hi Slash!

Can you describe a little how did you made these effects (give us your events please)
I wish you good next work.

Thanks by advance.

there you go, Its up.

image :flushed:

tse, these 20 pixels :smile:

boobs are not needed for the headtracking, but i was working on cloth animation, where boobs are important.

Thanks a lot Slash.

Oh nice…btw how far is your research? I would Like to know do you know any kind of Method that can make a Circle Hole inside a Square? I was researching about that to make some kind of 2d battle royal

i will try that. i think it could work.

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Another impressive piece of coding! I’ve tried very simple eye-tracking in a game but this is next level.

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@Slash I found some way to make masking using blend mode and Peoples can use this method for battle royal Ring

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useful indeed.
I thought you wanted to distort the square from the inside out till you get a circle in the middle instead of a clean cut.