[32 bits] GDevelop 5 Windows/Linux

Here new version beta 98

Patch note on Github

If the GDevelop services don’t work, can i use 32bit to create a working GDevelop 5, file and later read + publish that file from a 64bit instaltion?

Have you test it ?
The services in GD5 32bits work fine.

Indeed you can you like this if you want.

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Hi, am learning GDevelop, so i will test when i have the knolgenge and content for it. It was something i wonder when i read arthuro555 worries (just above)…

Can you please export beta 99 or 100?

can u send the beta 99 or 100 here pls
i recently found out that beta 99 had dynamic lighting that could perfectly fit in my game that im currently working with

Here is the new version beta 100 (windows only for now): b100 windows

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Pls the b98,Bouh posted, how many mb is it

Beta105 for 32 bits:

Keep in mind that those are unofficial and unsupported builds. No support will be provided.
Please remember to update your computer to a 64 bits processor ASAP.

U can edit my first post when you compile a 32bits build.
Did you used the API key for online build services? If no you should precise the web export online dosen’t work.

I don’t think so :thinking: I didn’t knew I could, I thought only 4ian could and I consider that one of the issues coming with unofficial builds which isn’t worth fixing as there is no support.

In view of the large number of uses of the b98 version, I am releasing the latest b110 version.

There is still no support if this 32bits version does not work.
Note that GDevelop only takes into account bug reports for 64bit OS.

Here new version

Please read all patch notes from B98 to B110 to upgrade your game, because breaking change can exist !
Patch note on Github

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To remember this momentous occasion


Can you please share the file from media fire? Since mega.nz is taking forever to be downloaded?

Can you please export beta 115?

There is still no support if this 32bits version does not work, it’s an initiative from my own to build that version. Note that GDevelop Team only takes into account bug reports from a 64bit OS.

Here new version:

All Patch notes on Github

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Thanks for your work. I have a tablet that includes a 32-bit version of Windows 10 pre-installed (perhaps because 32-bit licenses are cheaper) and since it’s a tablet, the manufacturer has chosen to block the bootloader, which prevents me from updating the OS. You have helped me a lot with this.

Hello everyone,

Here is a new 32bits release for GDevelop 5.0.130
This build brings a lot of improvements on UI and on the publishing process to push our game on our game platform Liluo.io!

Here new version:

All Patch notes on Github

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I build it in my free time so as always, there is no support for this build if it doesn’t work for you.


the export project can run on 32 bit too?

No I’m afraid. The export is a process made by GDevelop services. But you can build manually you own .exe


You can also wrap the html5 export in NW.js I guess.

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