3d model seems to be white

Why some 3d models appears to white while some not?

Hi abc, there’s a good chance the white ones were in the obj format before bringing into GDevelop. Covert OBJ to GLB - #2 by Bubble

I saw destructo’s post
But which website should I use for converting obj into glb? And one more thing, when I downloaded a 3d model from net in glb format only then also it appeared white in Gdevelop.

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That’s something you’ll need to look into and your research might have to include how the color is embedded into the file. As for glb, I downloaded a random glb file and it showed up in color in GDevelop. But it might be worth just experimenting with different formats that have a lot of models.

This website actually specifies that there is no mtl, material file prior to conversion so it will be a good one if you do find obj files bundled with mtl files.

I used that website only to covert my . Obj model to .glb (white model you see in picture):no_mouth:

Haha, now you just have to find a source of obj models that have mtl files with them and upload both for conversion. Or try different formats.

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Thankyou for all your support🙏🏻
Why don’t gdevelop support other formats , why only . glb🤔

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For the record, I downloaded an obj model and its mtl file to go with it. Uploaded both to the converter site. Put the glb in GD and ta-da, it was white haha. I didn’t try with a different model though.

You are saying that you did not tried with other models… But why then the model you choose did not work then :sweat_smile:
If that model did not work there might be possibility that others also won’t work and if they even work how would we come to know that this model will work in Gdevelop or not? (Before downloading it )

All good questions. If the obj format is your best source of models then you could try downloading a free 3d modelling software, loading the model into it and then saving it as glb. I might try this later but not now.

There are 3d asset packs on itch Top free game assets tagged 3D - itch.io so that is another resource if you haven’t tested it.

I prefer to see it as other models might work, haha. Testing one model, as I did, is not a good test.

I’ve done some experimenting. I donwloaded some obj and mtl files from itch and converted them in the converter mentioned above to glb and loaded into Gdevelop. It worked, but they were very simple single colour obects. The more detailed character objects from that assets pack weren’t in obj format.

I then downloaded some different packs from itch where the models were in fbx format, converted them, and they worked fine in GD. Fbx seems to be a common format on itch and it includes colors. So unless anyone specifically needs obj models, this seems to be a trouble free option.

Hi @Bubble
I downloaded this 3d model :point_right:t2:spiked stalker by Trockk
Converted it using the website you mentioned and here are the results

It’s still white

Also I find that itch has very limited models and you might not get the one you want.

It’s hard to get a win isn’t it. I downloaded the same model and got the same results as you.
This is what my previous experiments with itch models from two different packs looked like in the editor with the same process fbx to glb.


Which site/s is the one that has a good choice of models?

And just checking, have you browsed the 3d models from the GDevelop assets store? The thumbnails don’t load for me so it’s not worth the effort for me.

Yes even for me the thumbbnails don’t load.
The websites I find useful :point_right:t2:Free 3D models - Sketchfab
I don’t know from where should I download the assets for my game because some are still white and some not. Yes It’s hard
Not understanding what should I do :person_shrugging:t2: :person_shrugging:t2:

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