3D physics extension

Hello all,

I have released a 3D physics extension. (Still updating)

It includes stuff like

  • 3d separation (bottom separation of cube might be buggy)
  • 3D collision
  • Jumping/falling physics

[Tutorial link and extension download in description]

I also want to implement stuff like slope physics. Will be difficult. But hopefully i can finish that.

EDIT: someone mentioned i forgot GitHub link

I also forgot about the tutorial link, whoops.


You know, I think you forgot the link.

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I didnt, YouTube wouldn’t allow me to put the link in the description, so i had to put the repository ID in the description that you’d put in GitHub’s search. But here’s the link

Its pretty glitchy and there’s a few glitches I’m aware of, and im unsure how to add slopes.

Anyway, enjoy!

(Also make sure to use the latest version of the extension)

EDIT: nvm i did forget about the YT tutorial link, i edited that. Sorry.

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Great, thanks for the link.

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Hello. Just asking… Does this extension work with 3d models?
I downloaded the version 0.0.4 and it is only compatible with the 3d cube.

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It does a bit i believe, but theres another behavior for it. And if forgot to add it, ill update the extension soon.


Update 0.0.5 released.
Tutorial video: here
Github link: here.
There are a few things that do nothing, and will be removed. You can ask me if you have any questions. and report bugs to the github.


I have not tested it out completely yet, but the 3d model is not jumping. Is it me or the behavior?
The box jumps just fine. I followed the same way that you used in the tutorial.

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The 3d model behavior is probably glitched. Next update the two behaviors are merged.


Whos interested in a 3d door opening/closing tutorial? Its pretty difficult to implement since there arent Points for 3d objects.

Amazing! So I yet have to test it, I am confident it will be good. A question, does it work with models?

apparently, With the current downloadable version. its glitched. Because I had to make another behavior for it. And I was in a hurry to release a version without proper testing. Next update the behaviors are merged because I figured it out.


Sure why not? I doubt I’ll use it, but its nice to have the option.

Ill do that soon. Along with an update and a detailed tutorial for making a 3D game. And if possible I’m making it an example.

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