4 x bugs: resource lib., key freeze, global obj., drag&drop

Global objects stay global forever:
Objects that have been turned into a global object by right click → “Set as global object” stay global. There is no way to turn these back into regular objects (not counting editing the project file with an extrernal editor)
Workaround: none found so far

No drag & drop in images bank
In the images bank editor, its not possible to move images from the “All images” folder into other folders by using drag & drop.
Workaround: make a new folder, import the same images again by right click —> “add an image”
A message will pop up “Some images in the list have already the same name, and have not been added: filename.xxx” but the files will be listed in the new folder.

Resource library issue:
When I open the resources librarby, the window doesn’t respond. Clicking on “X” to close it, or clicking on “close” doesn’t work. I also can’t open any graphic libraries.
Workaround: load the files through right click → “Add an image from a file”
It’s still possible to close the resource library window by closing previous window titled “Edit the sprite object”.

Strange single time keyboard freeze after saving to a different project name.
Here is how I can reproduce this on my system: Take the file keyboardbug1 (works with other files too). Play once in preview mode (native game). Then save to a new filename (e.g. keyboardbug2) and play a preview. The game will not accept any keyboard inputs. Mouse is not affected.
Workaround: preview once and stop the preview, preview again and all keyboard inputs work fine

tested on:
Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon 64bit
GDevelop version
keyboard bug.zip (1.95 KB)