(5.0.0 beta65) Cannot "Create a new game". Engine / editor crashes when I click on "Choose Folder"

Like the title says. Version: 5.0.0 - beta65

Steps to recreate:

  1. Open gdevelop
  2. Click on “Create a new project” in the Home/Welcome screen
  3. In the “Create a new game” window that comes up, click on “Choose Folder”.
  4. Engine/editor Freezes

Also to note:
5. After some time when I get back to gdevelop (instead ,of idly waiting staring at the frozen gdevelop window), the entire is blank except for the main Menu (File, Edit, View, Window, Help)
6. When I click on one of the main menu items, it responds by giving a drop down of the sub-menu items. But, when I click on one of them, I get back to the blank screen with only the main menu items (like mentioned in point 5)

Also to note:
7. I tested this on my work laptop and my home desktop. I got the same behaviour in both the machines.
8. While all this goes on, system utilization of my computer is high, with my other applications lagging to open and to respond

Will try to attach screenshots now.

Hello this bug is known, and it already fixed for the new version.
For more info about this fix see here.