A few questions.

Hello everyone I’ve just found out about Game Develop, downloaded it to have a closer look and mess around with it a bit, but right of the bat I have a few quesiton.

  1. Can you develop 3D games, or at least pseudo 3D with it? And if you can, could someone please try to find the time to make a video tutorial or a downloadable example?
    What I would need is a scene that scrolls from background to foreground. Think of it like when driving a car, everything moves towards you, things get bigger as they get closer.
    (If I’m not explaining this part well please let me know and I’ll try to do a better job.)

  2. After I finish a game in this program can I use the final(exported/compiled) files with a service like cocoonjs to put the game on iOS?

  3. Can I integrate highscores&leaderboards in my game using clay.io for example?

Thank you.

You cannot make a 3D game, but you can make a pseudo 3D game. There is already an example that comes with GameDevelop called “wolfenstein style 3D engine”. You will find it in the examples folder.

I’ll let someone else tackle 2 & 3.

For native games no, but HTML5 games should be exportable to mobile using CocoonJS (still some issues when display texts) or Intel XDK.
By the way, one of the goals of the crowdfunding campaign (indiegogo.com/projects/game … /x/6586688) is to improve the support of mobile phones!

There is an action to do Http Requests, so if their API can be used in this way it could be done, but I must admit I have made any other research about it for now!.