A french title of awindow in the english version

I have found a little french title which has slipped past being changed to english in the english version of GDevelop.
i dont mind learning french in the process pmsl but until then i dont know what this title means lol. im guessing it means edit the image in image bank or something(editeur de la banque d’images)

Believe me, you can’t learn French by reading one or two individual titles out there :smiley: . You are right, it means “Image Bank Editor”, since it’s the window where you add, delete and edit all the images :slight_smile:

It should be fixed soon :wink:

Well, believe me or not, I’ve learned English by using English software and reading help for them. But I agree learning more complicated phrases may be cumbersome.

Thank you for the report, David. GDevelop was originally French application and as such have some French, untranslated strings lurking around. Most of them were fixed but some slipped out like the one you presented.

Thanks for reporting it, I’ve fixed it. :slight_smile:

only human guys. things get missed. :slight_smile: same as where it states Edition of a sprite object. this is normally associated with an edition of a book (example edition 1 of 20 (number) i think you mean an editor but edition means this en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edition . slight changes in our language but its no major bug lol.
We would just say Sprite object editor. For the task which the window is open for :slight_smile:

so if you have time replace
" Edition of a sprite object"
“Sprite object editor”

on the subject of the window where it states Edition of a sprite object please add a zoom feature so we can zoom on the sprite image this will be very handy for adding a polygon mesh :slight_smile: as if you have small items its very hard to see without a zoom.

Please, stop repeating the same message…

Thanks for pointing the other error, but Victor is right: you shouldn’t speak about this other problem here, it is totally unrelated and when talking on a forum, you must just talk about the subject of the thread. (And it is not necessary to send me mails, personal messages about it please!).

So please be careful and be also careful to write without abbreviations: it makes your messages difficult to read and do not encourage to answer.
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Sorry for the lack of abbreviations but i have a form of dyslexia which means i do not notice them so i cannot really notice when im not using them myself.
I have to double and triple back over all my text and still sometimes miss them.
Will try harder to make things i say make more sense.