A hello without magic

Hi! I’m MagicaLess, or MagickalessBreton

I’ve been using GDevelop for a bit of time already (you can play two of my games on Newgrounds – Listen to the Stars and The Grey Prince Chase – be warned: they are rough around the edges) but I’m only now getting serious about attempting a somewhat semi-professional game

I would describe myself as an amateur jack-of-all-trades (music, art, animation, games, writing, etc) with an especially keen interest in stealth games


I’m a " jack-of-all-trades" too :slight_smile:.

I can do lots of tasks too, except music, I suck in music and sounds in general :laughing:

Welcome I hope you’ll be fine. Do you have any idea about the game you want to develop?

Good evening.

Hello to you three and thank you for the warm welcome!

At the moment I’m developing a stealth game set in a fantasy setting, taking some inspiration from Mark of the Ninja, Trilby: The Art of Theft and the Assassin’s Creed Chronicles games. So far I’ve made two complete levels and I’m working on the third one!