A helpful Tip to greatly "slim down" your project file size and file count!

I’v seen a few people talking and asking about this so i decided to make it its own thing, if you have any other tips and tricks to reduce your file size, or quantity, leave it in a post! :smiley:

As im getting ready to launch “Mana Knight”, iv been doing some polishing, both on the game and its files.

Because im thinking of adding “Mana Knight” to Itch.io, i check the file size, or better yet, how many files the folder had, and… 991 files out of the 1000 limit on Itch.io… no good, especially since i still have a few more elements to add in…

Solution? Quite simple actually :slight_smile:

Over time as your working on the game, trash files stack up, resources that you dont use any more, assets you decided to bench, all that stuff really adds up in the end…

So, step #1

  • Hit the “Project Manager” button, its the menu with your “Global Variables”, “Scenes”, “External Events” and so on…
  • Hit the “Resources” option
  • Clique on the 3 Vertical dots next to any asset
  • Select “Remove Unused” and then the bottom option “Any”
  • Ta daa!! Most of the junk is “kinda” gone

Theres still unused files in your actual project folder, their just not on the actual project file, so how do you filter all the garbage files out now? Go on the folder and start deleting? Noooo… theres a much quicker method!!!

Step #2

  • Hit the 3 Horizontal lines on the Top Left corner of the Editor
  • Select “File”
  • Select “Save as…”
  • Select “Your computer”
  • Now make a new folder for you project
  • Select the new folder you just made and hit “Save”!
  • Your done! You just filtered out everything that wasent in use!

If you check, your older folder will have a much higher file count than the new one, because even tho you told GDevelop to remove all “unused” files, the software dosent actually delete them from the project folder, but it does remove them from the project.

So by making a new fresh save in a new folder, none of the unsed files get carried over.

My game went from over 900 / 1000 to 400 / 1000 by doing this process :slight_smile:

If you dont know how to check your file count, go to where your project is being saved, right clique on the project folder and select “Properties”, it will say how many files are within that folder :slight_smile:

Hope this helped!!!