A new game - Vend-Dodge

So yesterday I took a break from the games I’m working on and made this in GD:


Left click to start a new game and WASD to move your vending machine. Avoid ALL the squares and survive as long as you can. You can scroll down on the page to see my high scores. I spent like an hour playing the game yesterday :laughing: , so they are pretty hard to beat.

I liked it but for controls I prefer arrow keys (I’m right handed).

I’m also right handed, but this means I’m always doing the mouse with my right and and keyboard movement with the left (maybe I spent too much time playing FPS games?). Anyway, thanks for playing and for giving some feedback (what best score did you get?). I might edit this at some point so you can use arrows as alternate controls.

It would be great for beginners to have it like GD project so they could learn how to make such games. :slight_smile: But maybe you would like to keep it as your secret? :wink:

I don’t mind to release it. If I do, I’ll probably do it in a video tutorial. It’s not a very difficult game type to make though to be honest.

It would be great! :slight_smile:

For beginners it may look impossible. :wink: And it is better to begin learning how to make simple games first.

I saw a Stencyl tutorial for similar avoidance game here: stencyl.com/help/viewArticle/102
and tried to do it in GD. Actually it was easier to do in GD without all those default physics staff in the way.
Here is my project, simple version of an avoidance game:
avoidance_demo.zip (5.5 KB)
If the project is OK I can do a tutorial about how to do it.

The trouble with this game is you can just survive forever by staying far away from where the squares spawn and not going for any risky coins. The difficulty needs to slowly increase with time.

I’ll keep it simple. You can build up on it later by adding new features. For full featured avoidance game tutorial we will wait when appear yours.:slight_smile:
My project will show how to:

  • Move Player in 4 directions
  • Move object in random direction with random speed.
  • Stay within the screen bounds
  • Generate Random number from… to…
  • Display time passed from the beginning of the game and number of collected items.
  • Use timer
  • Use variables
    added today:
  • Exit or play again
  • Exit by pressing Esc key

Of course it’s not the only way to do all these things but it works.:slight_smile:

your game is good. the kind of game you’ll see in the arcades and keep on putting your coins in the slot for lool.
lool its kinda like the game im working on.

i think to compromise with user’s hand choice you should switch the keys to YGHJ so it isnt uncomfortable for any right/left handed person

good game overall makes you think

Kind of a necropost, but oh well…
Just to advise US makers to avoid the wasd keys, since it will only work with qwerty keyboard.
Which is quite a pain for azerty or others kind of keyboard to enjoy the game.

Whenever you can, choose arrow keys. Better for everyone and their gamepads.

Poland - qwerty
Czech/Slovakia - qwerty
Ukraine - qwerty
Russia - qwerty
Germany - qwerty
GB - Qwerty
Spain - qwerty

Only France has azerty…

It’s like certain U.S. of A and imperial measurements.

You realize my “wasd” keys are “zqsd”, right?
Making any reflex-based game absolutly unplayable
… unless the dev thought about controls options. Which is extremely rare in amateur gaming (or indie like telltales’ the walking dead).
My point is: either give controls rebinding or use arrow keys. There’re too much different keyboards out there to just assume your set of keys will work worldwide.

Thanks for the info. I had no idea anyone was really using anything other than QWERTY…

I will try in future games (ok maybe not the on I release TODAY, but in future ones than that) to remember this.

And maybe I go back and edit this games to have control options sometime, if I can face to open them again.

And yes, a tutorial for this game type will be coming this month! :slight_smile: