A problem with updating android game

Hi again, just wanted to give an update since I was asking about this a while ago and finally got a chance to test things out myself.
Today I created a new internal test track in Google Play and updated my game from APK to AAB following the guide, enabling google play app signing and uploading the two files, and upon updating my game with the internal test I’ve found that it has in fact deleted the saved game data. Everything was done with Google Play’s tools, meaning, I originally downloaded the release version of the game (the APK) off google play as a tester and then updated that with the internal test.

I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if it’s just an actual problem with updating from APK to AAB :slight_smile:

edit: for more context, I have updated my game several times already as an APK on google play and it’s never been a problem. If I re-d/l the old version of my game, the old data actually comes back, and if I download the new version again, it switches back to the save from the new version. I’ve made no changes to my code between these versions. Updating my game manually with a new APK also gets rid of the old saved data. It’s very strange.

You need to save your data as a file because if you don’t save it as a file, maybe, “maybe” it will be saved as a part of Game.

Is there such thing as saving mobile data to file? I thought that was only something you could do on PC, and mobile relied on the write and read to storage actions.

Oh, so we can’t :roll_eyes:? Sorry, I haven’t used that so I don’t know :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:.

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I’m not 100% sure either xD But that’s what it looks like to me unless I’m overlooking something

Yes, we can’t use this

in Mobile

You cannot use save a text file with mobile, that’s why this action is in the Windows/ Linux / MacOS section.

To not lose datas on mobile the actions to use are the Storage action.

What is the differences of Storage and FileSystem?

Some users report your posts because most of your answers to help are incorrects and misleading people.
It’s very nice to help people, try to check what you explain or even test before answering.
Test and validate your answers by opening and searching on the wiki first, you have the link on top of this forum :slight_smile: