A Question About Creat a Community Forum!


I want to create a community forum for my tech website. Here is my website. May I proceed to create a community forum for my website?

Welcome Don!

I think you can make a forum for your website any time, but its growth and activity level will depend on a few things:

How dedicated you are to participating. It can be a lot to admin a forum, keep main site content fresh, and interact with users on a regular basis on top of other daily obligations. I’ve had forums that died because I didn’t always have the time or energy to keep posting.

Your audience - do you have a large dedicated following for your content? Are there lots of people requesting a forum to discuss tech stuff?

Your social media presence. Is it strong? Would a group or page on an existing platform serve better? Do you have people willing to volunteer their time to help you maintain all these things?

Just some questions to ask yourself.