A question about licenses

I am a game enthusiastic and game story writer, recently i became interested in game development in general. after 1 years searching i choose GDEVELOP as my game engine but a tiny problem, Your Engine is under MIT which is perfect like GODOT (which is a perfect engine like yours) but your IDE is not which make it a little disappointment and confusing, my question is why this choice has been made? Is there any intention to make game engine totally MIT license?, surely it will add to its popularity among game engines developers and the world like what happen to GODOT Engine and again surely money comes to engine much more easily.

(Disclaimer: I don’t know why 4Ian put the IDE under the GPL)

What is the benefit of the MIT license for the IDE? The runtime needs to be MIT if you don’t want to publish the source code of your game but for the IDE itself I can’t see any benefit over GPL.
Everyone is able to contribute to the IDE or even fork the repository under a new name if he desires so.
The MIT license would allow to “steal” the code and create a commercial IDE out of other peoples work. That wouldn’t be desirable.

Personally I think it was a perfect decision to split it into a GPL IDE and MIT runtime.

I understand and accept the idea but things have changed quickly. If you want developer in your team and also if you want 4ian and main developer to work completely on the project development instead of fixing bugs (surely contributers can solve this field), it is rational to open all. Today the competion is not in this field and if you want to encourage big open source company to contribute in development of the engine, so we should change our vision.

But it is a reccomendation, and definitly other factors are important in boosting the development of the engine and etc.

The whole point of GDevelop become open-source is that to make it easier for developers and the community to contribute.
The MIT license would allow people to use and share the IDE as their own without make any contribution to GDevelop.
The IDE is the most valuable part of GDevelop. Actually, the only reason I’m using it to be honest, it would make no sense to give it away, unless GD is officially dead, no longer developed. In that case yes MIT would make more sense because that way the IDE could be saved but it is not the case.

GD is open to get help and not to help people to make their own engines and IDE. There is a slight difference between the two.

Then why godot engine is completely open source, has more than 250 contributer, and has recently received 20000$ for its development, i haven’t seen or heard anyone making an engine out of it or these kind of works. It is clear Godot will be even better than unity and unreal in the future ( surely it is a rough predictions) but i have not seen or heard anyone said Gdevelop will be better than construct. I think it is not the main concerns, but developing the engine and have more investors and contributer is. I think it is the first step (but maybe i am wrong). But i am not in this direction that if you made engine MIT, the engine will be dead. Gdevelop must have a roadmap for making itself more popular.
Definitely i will make a new post about how to make the engine more popular in the future.

godotengine.org/article/mozilla … rs-program

sorry to bother the community for this post. as I searched the forum, this question about the license is as old as 2014 or even back to 2012.

When this question and problem has not been solved since then, so it won’t in near future.

sorry to bother, definitely it is one of the major obstacle in the road. and thanks and my apologies to the community for repeating an old old topic.

Although Gdevelop is wonderful but it does not suit my needs.

I must say, I don’t understand your concern. :confused:

You can contribute to the IDE, the only restriction is that you can’t “steal” it :confused: :confused: :confused: