A really awesome platformer mechanic

A suggestion: It would create a really cool effect if all your platforms in a platformer were only platforms if they are on the same z-order or range of z-orders as the player. Ever consider working with 3d? This layer effect would be like a 2.5d side-view platformer. You’d have to add conditions to ensure that the player could not move up or down a z-order if in collision with a platform from another z-order without overlapping but allowing edge-touching, of course. And to make it visually appealing you would need to somehow be able to see 3 z-orders at a time clearly somehow, but it can be done, I think. Just change the opacity of the z-orders in front and behind and maybe represent the one behind, somehow, with outlines that show up in front. I don’t exactly have things worked out perfectly in that aspect though. But I do know it can be done. Just not easily nor in a visually appealing manner. Yet.