A route making puzzle game prototype

hello everyone
there is a game that i start to make and im happy to share with you.
its a casual puzzle. the village need water and we should connect the lake to the village.
its still has a lot of bugs and is incomplete.
any idea to make it better would be appreciated.
water the village


What method do you use to check that the route is valid?


i still didn’t implement it. but as currently there is only one route in every turn(when started a route, only that route is available ).
i have placeholders(blue dots) with variables “availableAtEnd” and “availableAtStart” that shows which placeholder currently available at start side(lake) or end side(village) of the route. when the placeholder at the start side and at the end side was the same(by comparing its column and row) shows that the route can be completed.
i know its not a common and standard method and maybe has flaws. but i hope it work for me.

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That looks cute and I can imagine it being even cuter with the right music.
Will there be obstacles such as mountains etc that make the choice of path more difficult? And maybe a timer to create more pressure on achieving the goal? And what do you have planned for an interesting visual if the user fails to connect the water in time? Will the placement of the lake and the village change for each new game? The current layout looks like one corner water tile would connect it. Perhaps only one side of the town can be connected? Like where the plumbing is?


first thanks for your ideas.
at first move, you can choose any of four sides around village(or lake) but after first placement, only the route that is going to be complete is available. the other three side that is not chosen will become inactive.
and yes in every new game the places of village and lake are randomly chosen.
you are right this turn of gane could be completed with one move. but i somehow wanted to show the gameplay.


very interesting game type.

can you maybe share Gdevelop project files, so that i can see how have done it ?

Thank you

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My 5 cents idea: each time the player put a piece, use raycast to find the object near the water. For each object founded, use raycast find other compatible object. And so on.