A (second) hello without magic

Hello… again!

It’s been so long since my last visit here I forgot I even had an account already. Still, I’ve been away for so long I feel like a stranger and I think (re-)introductions are in order.

I’m MagicaLess, or MagickalessBreton (on Reddit and DeviantArt). Very long time user of GDevelop by now (almost ten years, I think), webcomic, digital art and game development hobbyist, as well as occasional Let’s Player.

My interest in stealth games has never been keener, as I’m working on what is perhaps my first serious project, A Mere Thief. Currently my goal is to put together a playable demo so I can get some feedback.

Since last time, I’ve also made a pretty janky fangame, Mara Jade: The Hand, to pay homage to the Dark Forces series and the comic “By the Emperor’s Hand”


I watched that demo video the whole way through. Normally I’d stop after a few seconds, but it caught my attention. Your artwork is really nice looking. I hope though, that you’ll fix the walking animation - it looks like the guards are skating along.

But the puzzles look slick, pop up nicely and the animation getting in and out of the box is a neat touch. I like these stealth type games too and I’m looking forward to the finished game.


The demo video and the fangame both have a nice retro touch and remind me of games like Prince of Persia or Another World. Graphics and soundtrack both perfect.

Would love to see “A Mere Thief” with some fitting background story as the theme completely screams for it. I’m already a fan as intelligent stealth games are one of my passions.

Keep going!

Thanks! I imagine you mean the turning animation? I plan to refine them a bit when I have time. If you meant the discrepancy between their walking speed and animation cycle, I’ve already changed it to look a little less goofy, I’ve added and tweaked a lot of things since then.

The full game is probably not going to be ready before a few years, but I hope to release the demo somewhere in 2024!

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You have no idea how honoured I am to hear that, Prince of Persia is one of the reasons I got interested in pixel art animation and game development.

I’m not sure my game is going to qualify as intelligent, but I hope it ends up as fun as the games I draw inspiration from (Trilby: The Art of Theft, the Thief series and Oblivion)

Thank you for the kind words!